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Adrian Iselin

A dual native German-American linguist with more than 15 years of experience.

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What can I help you with?

Hi, my name is Adrian and I have been working professionally as a linguist since 2005. With a background in sociology and social research, I have specialized in scientific and technical content, as well as video subtitling and software localization & LQA. As a bilingually raised German-American, I am deeply immersed in both cultural contexts, which gives me the knowledge and awareness for precise and natural translation that conveys exactly what you want to say. Over the course of my career, I have worked with a broad range of linguistic services, including management of large scale localization projects, giving me extensive knowledge regarding industry standards, tools, and practices from a variety of angles.

Services I provide:

  • Translation

  • Editing

  • Subtitling

  • LQA

  • Localization

If I can support you in any of these areas, feel free to contact me to see how we can work together.

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