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Just because I’m born into my body, doesn’t mean I know everything about it. Even my intuition can mislead me. I can only come to understand it, through curiosity, observation, and exploration. 


My body is my most immediate and most constant experiences. It is my vehicle and my interface with the world. The better I know it and the more connected I am to it, the richer my experience of the world becomes. The better I can take care of it. And the further it will take me.


This is the understanding that motivates my personal movement practice as well as my performance and teaching. 

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“The first time I ever did Acro Yoga was with Adrian. I was really nervous, and he immediately made me feel comfortable. Within the first session he was able to guide me through poses and movements I didn’t think I was capable of as a newbie. Adrian is talented, experienced, passionate, fun, and patient. By the end of the first session I was totally addicted to Acro!”

Danielle Letson,
Portland, OR, USA


„Before working with Adrian, I had very little acro yoga experience (mostly self-taught). I also had some negative experiences with acro, such as being dropped by a base. I was very hesitant to fly but Adrian did an amazing job putting me at east and working with me on incrementally learning to be a flyer. In just two private sessions, I found myself able to comfortably L-Base and fly and could flip my acro yoga partner. Additionally, I had the opportunity to fly through multiple acro yoga positions (shoulder stands, cartwheel, baby-bird, etc.) with Adrian. The pace was perfectly tailored to my comfort level (as well as my acro yoga partner). I highly recommend working with Adrian, especially if you are brand new to acro yoga or have had negative experiences in the past. He creates a very comfortable and safe environment to learn.“

Melissa Barker, Portland, OR, USA

“Adrian’s teaching was incredible. Introduced himself with a big hug and patiently taught me many new things! He took my acro to a whole. New. Level. Things I haven’t even dreamed of. He is such a kind and extremely centered man. 100% self-confidence and love. This man really impresses me. I want to be like him. I’ve learned a lot about my potential!”

Tyler Van Arsdale,
San Francisco, CA, USA

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